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Dear Classical Music Lover,

Are you having trouble finding out about classical music concerts in Ottawa? Well, look no further! This is where you can see what's happening musically in the National Capital region.


To find concerts, simply click on a month below and then choose from the extensive list of concerts available. (If you don't see the month you want, click on the last month and then the next twelve months will appear in the navigation pane.) When you click on a particular concert, you should find all the information about time, location, and price.


Also, if you want to see what a particular musical group is offering, you can click on the link Music Organizations and Venues at the bottom of this page that will take you to over eighty entities and venues in the Ottawa area involved in classical music in one way or the other.

I've added a new feature recently: over the years I have heard some wonderful concerts in Ottawa, some very grand and well-publicized, some almost unknown and intimate but still great. And I've thought that it's too bad more people didn't know about this or that great performance. Sure some concerts get reviewed in the local media but that's the last we hear of them. divider
And so I thought I'd give a chance for you, the avid listener, to tell us about some wonderful musical experiences you've had in Ottawa. I invite you to provide impressions for some concert you've heard recently. It doesn't have to be musically sophisticated. It only has to come from the heart! divider
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Please include your thoughts in the body of the email, not as an attachment. I will see that your remarks get posted on my site. Let me hear from you!

Tim Schobert

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